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A little about me

A little about me

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You might have read about me on my About Me page, but here is a little more into the life of me…DEE…

Well, my fitness journey started several years ago when I decided to go to school for Exercise Science. I have always been overweight but still kept pretty active with horseback riding and marching band.

Even with my education and training, I still always led a unhealthy lifestyle through my eating. Binge eating when no one was around or finding sweets at every party was always a weakness of mine. When I started my journey to the NPC (National Physique Committee) stage, I knew I needed to make a lifestyle change. I started eating more protein and veggies, and less sweets and dairy.

In December of 2014 I found an online coach that I wanted to work with to help me lose the weight. I worked with her for several months and made some great improvements in both fitness and nutrition. By August of 2015 I was already down 15lbs (35lbs total) and couldn’t believe I had gone from 145 to 130 in just a few short months. I started at 167lbs when I got married in 2013 but had lost about 20lbs on my own, somehow. Haha.Transformation

In June I went to my first NPC competition and fell in love with the sport. I knew I needed some more local help and found a new coach just down the road. Perfect! It has been a great experience and love being part of a team. I started my competition prep and started to look the part. My weight dropped only a little but the muscle increased. Body Fat was dropping and I was happy.

To be honest I knew that my transformation wasn’t good enough to get me first place, or maybe even place in the large show, but was going to be happy enough just to step on stage in front of hundreds of people! Yikes.

before afterWell as fate would have it, I suffered from a back injury just a week before the show.  It landed me into the ER and was told it wasn’t serious but that time and rest would cure the problem (with help of some medication).  I was DEVASTATED! I had put in so much work all year and only end up one week shy of my show.  I truly believe that everything happens for a reason but this just sucked!!!

So here I am, few months post and gained some of what I lost. Time to get back to the grind in 2016 with a new coach to help more with nutrition and techniques to get me stage ready. Next show is not until June but that means more time to prep and build up my baby muscles. I will not miss this next show and have several in mind for 2016!  Keep up with my progress, struggles and here is to this next year being the best yet!


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