Easy Food Prep Idea

Easy Food Prep Idea

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As I started my healthy lifestyle I had to find simple yet healthy meals that I could prep on Sunday and have for several days. Training for a Figure competition can be “easy” for me in the gym, however nutrition can be quite a challenge. Lucky for me, I am simple when it comes to meals. I don’t like a lot of sauce and have always been one to cook something I can use around 5 ingredients or less. I have discovered I enjoy cooking, but don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen doing it.  So here is one meal I make frequently that I really enjoy and it is easy to reheat the next couple of days.

First, to start with the greens and veggies. I am in LOVE with green beans and broccoli slaw! They are so easy to cook in the skillet and just love the flavors I can add to it. Green-Beans

For the green beans, I buy the bag of fresh greens and just put them in a large skillet. Add a little cooking spray or butter, add seasonings, and there you go! Cook until soft.






For the broccoli slaw, I like to cook mine with mushrooms and onions. First, chop the mushrooms and onions to your likable size, then cook them into the skillet with a little butter. (Butter is not your enemy, good healthy fats are needed in moderation. MARGARINE IS BAD, avoid this. A great alternative is coconut oil).  Once cooked and soft, mix in your broccoli slaw and heat until soft. I also like to add in steak seasoning for extra flavor.Meal-Prep

I am a little picky when it comes to my meat selections and chicken is not used very often. However, when I find a good chicken breast I like to cook it in the Crockpot. Add your breast in with a little water and let it cook for 2-3 hrs. Separate with fork and your good to go! Put around 4oz into each container, even out the veggies, and you have meals for the week.

What do you make for your Sunday meal prep?

Happy Cooking!!


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