Everything happens for a reason

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Things happen in our life we cannot control or explain and I have experienced this first hand over the past few weeks. After I was all geared up to start everything and get on the right path, something drew me the other direction. So, I’ve had to take a step back and evaluate my life and situation.

Hiring a coach seems like an easy task as there are so many people out there that offer weight loss programs and fitness challenges, but finding the right fit for you is SO important. I hate to admit that I have gone through my share but when something doesn’t click and don’t feel like your getting what is best for you… it’s time for a change.

So now that we are at the end of January, I have a new coach to help me with nutrition, and my own knowledge for the gym… it’s time to kick some ass!

Update you on Wednesday with my new nutrition plan :-)

Love in Fitness, Dee

(Todays Workout: Upper body at home… check Instagram for more @Deevinefitness)

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