• New week, New Workouts

New week, New Workouts

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Monday home workout

Monday home workout

Through the years I have learned that sometimes no matter how much we plan, going to the gym is not always possible. Whether it be vacation or unexpected events, a healthy lifestyle can come in 2nd place. So, this week I have created a workout you can do each day right from the comfort of your own home, no equipment needed! Try it out and tell me what you think!!


Tabata Tuesday

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After a crazy weekend, what better time to get motivated than Monday…. but what happens the next few days? Maintaining your progression through the week can be a little challenging but adding in a great home workout can help you make it through.

Try this great workout anytime/anywhere! No equipment needed. Start by doing each round one time through (total of 4 min) then work your way up to 8min, then 12min, then rock it all out with the 16min total workout!

Happy Tabata Tuesday!

Tabata Workout

My journey!

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Health and fitness has been my passion since I was a young child and truly love passing on my knowledge to others in their pursuit of happiness.

As someone who has struggled every day with weight loss, I have learned some tricks to help others reach their own fitness goals. I hold a B.S. in Exercise Science from Ball State University, certified personal trainer from NASM, and 12 years of group fitness experience with 20+ certifications behind my belt.

My journey has taken me from my highest weight of 167 pounds in 2013 to my current weight of 130 pounds. It is a struggle every day and progress always continues.